My latest hot sauce creation:

The Story of
Slap You Silly Hot Sauce Company

Peaches & Screams:

The idea for Peaches & Screams sprang to life when a customer gave me a bushel basket of peaches as a trade for some of my hot sauces.  After one too many peach pies, I decided to mix up some of those peaches with ghost peppers and habernos to balance the sweet taste of the the peach with the heat and smokiness of the peppers.  Friends loved it, and the latest Slap You Silly hot sauce was born.
Founded in 2006 with my original Slap You Silly "User Friendly" Habanero Hot Sauce

2007:  Introduced Sofa King

2009:  Introduced Widow Maker

2009: Introduced O.M.G. for a crazy hot sauce

2014: Introduced Bar-B-Que Sauce

2016:  Intoduced Peaches & Screams